Maurice ESTEVE

Maurice ESTEVE

Born in 1904, Maurice Estève was a French painter who died in 2001. 

Estève was one of the major painters of the new school of Paris. His style is characterized by an intertwining of coloured forms.

When he started out, Estève was influenced by the painting of the ones he called "the Primitives" like Poussin, Fouquet and Cézanne.

In 1927 he briefly underwent the influence of surrealism, in particular of Giorgio de Chirico.

During the Spanish Civil War, he went through a short expressionist period in 1936.

In 1947 he moved from a formal stylization to a non-figurative painting freed from any realism, highly structured and intensely coloured, of which he was one of the essential figureheads in the following decades.

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