Born in 1901, Jean Dubuffet was a French painter, sculptor and visual artist who died in 1985.

Self-taught, he devoted himself entirely to his oeuvre from 1942 until his death.

Prolific and protean, his body of work encompasses many different periods and styles, ranging from the purest abstraction to picturesque scenes resembling children’s drawings via collages of all sorts.

Dubuffet’s fascination for the pictorial production of outsiders, of the mentally ill, of prisoners and children led him to develop an art freed from intellectualism. His work often took its inspiration from primitive, popular or childish art. He was the first theorist of an art style that he called art brut or outsider art.

I am a Sunday painter for whom every day is a Sunday (Jean Dubuffet).

Jean Dubuffet's Foundation: http://www.dubuffetfondation.com/home.php?rien=1&lang=en 

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