Born in 1897, Paul Delvaux was a post-impressionist, then expressionist and surrealist Belgian painter who died in 1994. 

After studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Paul Delvaux made post-impressionist and then expressionist paintings. He had a predilection for railway stations.

It is in 1934, when he came across a painting by Giorgio de Chirico, that Delvaux had a ‘revelation’ regarding surrealism. Without ever adhering to the movement, he began a series of works of such profound unity that his paintings are instantly recognizable.

Recurrent themes in Paul Delvaux’s oeuvre are the female nude, suited men, and ephebes in a hieratic and fixed attitude in a landscape or an urban environment that is just as inert.

Website of the Paul Delvaux's Museum: http://www.delvauxmuseum.com 

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