5 Oct 2023 - 22 Dec 2023



This autumn 2023, Galerie de la Béraudière will be hosting an exceptional variety of works and artists. A broad spectrum of 20th-century artistic production will be represented, in all its formal diversity, in an exhibition that combines forms inspired by nature with radically abstract creations.

Whether it’s Rembrandt Bugatti’s animal sculptures, Miró’s Femme, Oiseaux or Soutine’s La Dinde Jaune, nature shines through in a variety of forms and colours. Indeed, throughout the exhibition we see nature, through the eyes of Max Ernst, transformed into something as seductive as it is disquieting – a parallel visual world of its own,as likely and convincing as nature confirmed by science. An eternal source of inspiration, nature can also become a memory, as in the works of Jean Dubuffet, evoking the texture and tactility of soil, water, stones, leaves, fog and dew.

The exhibition also includes three works by Jean Fautrier, a powerful artist with furious brushstrokes, who, unlike other Informalist painters, has a conscious control of gesture, never allowing form to become so diluted as to lose all connection with the real world.

Meanwhile, Antoni Tapiès distances himself from the real world; a kind of alchemist, he experiments with matterand a myriad of textures – from sand to metal, wood and textiles.

Visitors can also discover the extreme, minimalist abstractions of Dadamaino and his Volumes, which stand in stark contrast to the colourful works of Evelyne Axell, featuring cut-out shapes and silhouettes imbued with 1960s pop culture.

These multiple contrasting approaches bear witness to the eternal dialogue between the artist and nature, experienced as both an intolerable limitation and a vital source of inspiration.


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