8 Sep 2022 - 16 Dec 2022


delaberaudiere MUSIC IN PAINTING

Through the ages, music and painting have been closely intertwined with human life, and music is undoubtedly one of the arts that has most inspired painters, both figurative and abstract.

The feeling of being close to their art and the desire to express emotions, the pleasures of life or the ephemeral nature of human existence have led painters to take an interest in music.

By confronting their work with other art forms, the creators go beyond the framework of their discipline and inspire each other, in terms of both emotions and more specific impressions such as rhythm, melody, form, colour and more. The aesthetics of one nourish that of another.

While figurative art established an initial dialogue between these two disciplines, with representations of musical instruments or musicians playing, it is only in the twentieth century, thanks to abstraction, that the various artistic practices became more permeable to one another and that rhythm, an indispensable component of music, was suggested in paintings.

With this new exhibition, the gallery wishes to sound out the diversity of ideas that can be suggested by the presence of music in pictorial works.
Jean Dubuffet, Lyonel Feininger, Hans Hartung, René Magritte, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Frantisek Kupka, to name but a few, will be brought together around this vibrant theme.

Will the works on show at Galerie de la Béraudière allow the listening ear and the contemplating eye to meet in a common emotion?

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